Friday, December 30, 2011

Prince Plywood Calendar 2011

The Prince Plywood Calendar 2011 was a complete mind bender. Had to shoot 12 different images and each one needed to talk about one particular kind of plywood. For example- Fire Resistant, Decorative ,Marine etc. Lot of mixing and post processing work involved but then the end result made everyone quite happy.

A year has gone by but I only felt right to share some final images from this shoot with you all.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Caption this n win Shakti Mohan exclusive Dance Calendar 2012

God painted a poetry and then gave it a pair of soulful feet...

A girl who was once told that she might not be able to walk after an accident she had in her child hood, eventually grew up to dance n win the biggest dance reality show on Indian Television. She smiled and danced her way into a million hearts- including mine.

That’s Shakti Mohan-a contemporary Indian dancer, an amazing actress, winner of  Zee TV’s extremely popular reality show -Dance India Dance . She has performances around the world to her credit- and for her this is just the beginning!

Shooting with Shakti was exciting n fulfilling - though I wish I could put aside the camera for a while n just admire her effortless movements on the shooting floor. She at times appeared to be fragile like a butterfly n then agile n fierce like a panther- hypnotic combination.

I am sure its just the beginning of many more stunning images we would be doing together.

This is an exclusive preview image from the calendar being launched this month-and the best caption gets an autographed calendar and the top ten captions get an autographed metallic print of this image.
To participate all you have to do is click on the title above or the link below that will take you to this image on the ‘pravin talan photography’ page on Facebook. Leave a caption that you feel best describes the image and Shakti herself would choose the winner.
Ten best captions would win an autographed metallic print of the same.
The winners will be declared on the blog as well on the photography page on FB.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Varija Calendar -behind the scenes with pravin talan

Here is an exclusive behind the scenes video of the making of the Varija calendar- where the designer, the stunning models and the photographer talk about the experience of pulling off 14 shots in one day...

A must watch for those who wish to understand mixing of daylight, flash lights and continuous lighting set ups....

Varija calendar 2011- a race against time

If I have ever been exhausted physically n mentally in a shoot, than this was the one-VARIJA 2011 calendar- but then undoubtedly this was also one of my most favorite n exciting shoots.

Fourteen different shots in one day are almost an impossible task to achieve. But then I had to, as it was a promise I had made to Varija- who was not just a great designer to me but also one of my closest buddies.
So we wrecked our minds working on the concept, finding the right models, choosing the best designs and then of course the location mattered the most.
It was all semi bridal wear, colorful outfits for the younger brides speaking of celebrations.  VARIJA as a label is quite known for that and the launch of the calendar had to coincide with the celebrations of six years of completion of VARIJA as a label.
Finally we came up with idea of shooting the moods n journey of a bride- from a village to a modern bride and shoot them against rural settings to bring out the contrast and capture a whole range of emotions a bride would experience.

It sounded good but was really tricky to capture.

The most crucial element of any such shoot is meticulous planning. You just can’t afford to go wrong when you are hard pressed for time. Usually something like this requires two and a half days of shoot.
And I had to do it in one day. Budget has always mattered.

So I had to find a make up artist who was good n fast and who wont get tired trying to achieve fourteen different looks in one day.An art director who would be ready with the next location by the time I got done with my first shot.Models who understood me perfectly, wouldn’t crib n complaint if they had to wait and who could beautifully carry such designer outfits.

In short, everyone had to understand their job perfectly and had to be in total sync with my thought process and requirements.

All was done. I found a really great set of people for the job. Shubhra handled the makeup department and Amrit took up art direction. And on top of that we got the best of the best models for this calendar- Sumit Atwal, Poppy Jabbal, Unnati Davara, Khalida Jan, Vedita Pratap Singh.Couldn’t have asked for more. From sweet to sexy we had an entire range of superb models.

The biggest problem that still remained was the location. Studio looked useless as it wouldn’t give the real village feel and shooting in real village was unimaginable.  It gets difficult to handle a crowd on an outdoor shoot like this.

My assistants and me must have spent 5 days trying to work out a possible location, till finally someone suggested a studio on the outskirts of the city where he had seen a village set erected. Great. Done.
I went, saw n locked it immediately. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but gave me enough scope to play around and my art director assured me he would manage to give me the look n feel of what I wanted.

So we reached early morning with truckload of lights- from HMI’s to tons of reflectors, battery packs, flash lights n everything close to being a professional light. I had decided to have two teams and simultaneously work on two different shots. So I would give the brief and half my team would be working on the next shot.

Morning 7am to 11pm at night –finally it was a wrap. Everyone was exhausted yet elated. I was dead.But then once I saw the pics in print- it was well worth the effort. Of course, I am never ever again shooting something like this in one day.

Calendar was eventually launched by Sunil Sethi, president, Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and co sponsored by Gitanjali group.

I know I am a few months late in posting this article, but it’s never too late to share the good things.Posting a select few pics from the shoot and you can check the making of the photo shoot as well. It’s quite an interesting video and will give you an insight to the kind of efforts made for this shoot.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Are you a part of Fashion Resource Book 2011?

Whenever I am shooting with a new girl, the first thing she asks me is if I would be providing her with contacts in the industry. It both annoys me and amuses me.

It annoys me, as I was never really able to compile a list of people who worked well in the industry and were in a position to provide good work to newcomers as well as established models & actors. It amused me because ‘personal’ contacts I might be having with some people are not really of any help to anyone unless they are good with their job. Eventually if you are talented and even a bit networked-its word of mouth and your own talent that gets you work.

But the big question always has been-where to go once you have a ready portfolio in hand? It was not just about the models looking for contacts, but designers looking for the photographers and the photographers hunting where to find the right agencies to work with…and agencies looking for production houses…

In short, a good directory listing such people was missing.

So, when my dear friend Atul Pandey (Editor of Mega Modelz magazine) first came up with the idea of having a Fashion Resource Book, I was very excited that finally this industry was going to have its own little black book of fashion!

After 6 months of extensive research, a dedicated team of twenty odd people put up the first issue of Fashion Resource Book (2010)-India's first fashion directory with contact listings of more than 5000 top fashion professionals that includes the fashion giants, stunning clotheshorses and ace lens men along with all the professionals in all possible categories related to the glam world- fashion designers, brands, stores, buyers, choreographers, models, makeup & hair artists, fashion schools, fashion media, fashion event organizers, PR agencies, retouching artists, production houses and many more.

In its first year, Fashion Resource Book (FRB) 2010 was a top of the line product catering to all international standards and encompassed more than 250 glossy pages of information and features on top names of the industry as well as relevant stories on how to break in and make it in the world of fashion.

Now in its second edition as FRB 2011, the book becomes bigger and better. I had a look at the first draft and it looks amazing. It turns hardbound, has a lot more number of contact listings and valuable fashion information, the untold stories, the success stories inked by a sway on the ramp to an inspiration that became a fashion legend that year. The spanking new book shall have inspirational fashion tales, backstage bites, and valuable tips along with encompassing a whole lot of relevant fashion information.

What I found really interesting was that Atul and his team has devoted an entire section to review of the year gone by (2010), called Fashion Year Book 2010-11. This section covers the essence of fashion in India in 2010 under following segments:

1. News Makers Of The Year 2010: Covers the achievements of various fashion professionals & fashion brands who found their moment of glory in the world of fashion in 2010. Split into various sections like Designers, Stores, Events, Photographers, Models, Show Directors, Stylists, Schools, Makeup, Health & Beauty and others, this section shall put the spotlight on faces of fashion who achieved commendable success in the year that was.

2. Fashion Basics: A section for the entrants to the industry, guiding them how to make a successful fashion career, starting from the basics and keeping it simple with the knowledge sharing by the experts of various fashion streams. It will include features on- Fashion Designing, Modeling, Photography, Makeup & Hair, Wellness & Holistic Health.

Now, why would I be writing in such details about a fashion directory on my blog? It’s simple- I feel it’s a must have for all those connected to the industry-an extremely useful tool. Next time you are going to ask me for contacts I would probably be asking you to buy a copy of Fashion Resource Book 2011, pick up the contacts from there and start mailing to them-rather than scratching your head where to start from in the industry!

Since the book is going in printing soon, if you are a fashion professional, you must send in your details now to get listed in the book and make the best of the opportunity.

For more information on FRB, please visit the link -
More information on FRB