Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tribal Zone jewellery campaign

Expressive accessories from Tribal Zone
photographed by pravin talan |
 Tribal Zone has become synonymous with expression, attitude and style and many of my friends had always talked about the wide product range. So when I shot the campaign for Vikas Bafna, one thing I did was to make sure he leaves a whole range with me that I could gift around.
I love such clients.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding Affair magazine cover with Soha Ali

That's a completely new look for Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan and the cover generated lot of good response from people. I always enjoy shooting with her and am happy to have done yet another cover with her.
The issue is currently on stands.

Preyal & Amisha designer shoot

Preyal & Amisha  are such talented designers. Their creations are exquisite yet affordable, and the vision so clear. Rather than going into a set, we decided to concentrate on shooting the outfits using minimalistic of props to create the mood. Bruna and Unnati Davara both looked gorgeous in the outfits and the results are here for everyone to see. Unnati has been a dear friend for a long time and a great model to work with.
Some of the pics like the model’s back shot with reflection of face in the mirror, and her sitting like a mannequin in silent conversation with the face of the man are my personal favorites. The lighting through out has been done in a way to create mood setting unlike the regular designer shoots.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ajay Arvindbhai Khatri- a preview of the new campaign

When a few prince get together-its a sheer riot of laughter !
Even if the photographer ends up crying trying to catch them all laughing together.

Kids are innocent, fun and amazing. Not to mention the great attitude they have. You can forget whoever you are or might think of yourself if you ever need good pictures from them. But you can not help falling in love them by the time you are done with the shoot. I never had so much fun before as shooting this campaign. This particular pic is a favorite of mine as by the time they all managed to laugh together and give me a perfect picture- I was about to cry ! Specially cos of the youngest one in green sitting down. When the rest would laugh-he would turn back and look at all of them. When they stopped laughing, he would burst into a laughter. He preferred to laugh alone ! Finally he took some mercy upon me and decided to give this one shot where he would laugh with them-n not after them !

A tip- you need to be really patient and nice if you are doing a shoot with children.
This is a preview of the new campaign for Ajay Arvindbhai Khatri. A highly reputed brand name in Indian traditional wear, with many stores in Mumbai. Their collection ranges from Chudidar Kurta, Dhoti Kurta, Sherwani, Jodhpuri, Mojadi & Safa and even Indo- western. And now they have even launched an exclusive range for the kids.
So, if you want something exquisite for your little prince-then you know where to go next time !

Monday, October 1, 2012

One of my most exciting shots as Better Photography magazine cover

Here is the much talked about Better Photography cover this year. How I shot this pic I will explain in another article on this blog- but this pic has surely been in great circulation everywhere.

It was a moment of madness when I wanted to try something new and this is what we got. A willing model, over enthusiastic assistants and somewhere in the middle of the night we were lot of crazy people trying to put this shot together.
please do not attempt to shoot this pic without proper guidance : pravin talan

Interview in Dainik Jagran

I belong to the city of Taj- Agra. The jouranlists there are so familiar with the way I have gone about my work and life and when an old friend decides to do an interview- what comes out is always a fun read ! It was published I think sometime in March 2012.

Dainik Jagran, as we all know India's number one Hindi newspaper in terms of circulation and readership.

An article that in nutshell covers my journey from  Agra to places worldwide.

Interview in Eclectic Vibes

 An interview earlier on in Eclectic Vibes

I generally hate magazines after they publish an interview of mine, simply because of the way they do their article layout- but this one in Eclectic Vibes- I totally loved. Not just cos of the way it has been written but also the way they have done the layout and the interesting choice of images to publish that showcases the range in my work. An instant favorite of mine.

AYUR Sunscreen print campaign

Ayur print campaign featuring Surveen Chawla
I have known Surveen Chawla for a pretty long time and always felt she had something truly wonderful about her. She is a fabulous model-actress and of course a truly beautiful girl armed with a sparkling laughter. It was fun to shoot with her as usual.
I think we wrapped the shoot in barely 2-3 hours. Couple of large reflectors, a ring flash with battery power pack and a blower was all that was needed.
It was an outdoor shoot at Film City (Mumbai ) on a really hot afternoon. I suppose agency apparently felt the warmer it was, the more natural the product feel…after all it was for Ayur sunscreen that says “ Beat the sun, with ease.”